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ComXR is the virtual reality arm of a 84-year old technology, media and advertising group, Comart.

Extending the technology of virtual reality(VR) only meant one thing, making it more accessible.


This led them to apply this technology in the real estate space. Customers could now view an entire apartment through an augmented simulation on their mobile. 


We then build HomeGo as a platform that collaborated with several builders across the country. These builders could list their projects on the platform, which would then present their projects to potential buyers in the form of simulations. Customer would get the convenience of looking for their future home right at their finger tips.

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On clicking the app icon, the apps opening screen would come up with an animation of a door opening.

The app then welcomes you to the platform and leads you to visit all the listed properties.

It first showcases regions of Mumbai. Based on your selection, it would showcase projects in that area.

This is the sample of a project page. It presents features of the project along with an option to download its brochure.

Each project shows you the interior view of the apartment in the form of images along with a live walk through.